Manganal Sales Company

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Distributor of Stulz-Creusabro 4800 & 8000 and
Manganal Manganese Steel for Heavy Industry

Stulz-Creusabro 8000 & 4800

A Modern Solution to Wear

Significantly Better Wear Resistance than AR400 and AR500 due to TRIP effect

TRIP Effect (TRansformation Induced by Plasticity)

  • Work Hardens
  • Titanium Carbide Microstructure
  • Oil Quenched


Manganal Manganese

The more you beat it, the harder it gets. This property is known as work-hardening, a result of severe impact and hammering.  Manganal Manganese will work-harden up to 550 Brinell providing longer life and protection for your equipment and facilities

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